Skateboarding Product Reviews

Hubba 52mm Wheels & Bolts

Ok, my first wheels I ever got stoked about were multi-coloured Pacer Hoggs, basically they looked cool going round but unfortunately sucked to ride!

Pretty much all coloured urethane used to lose its durometer pretty quickly and start to get really sticky and slow after 3 or 4 sessions. Enter these candy coloured delights!

As you can see by the pic Hubba like to play with colours, plus for the fashion conscious matching cross head bolts are available to keep your set up looking 80s retro fresh and in touch with your frighteningly bright NikeSB colourways (that you swore you would never wear).

The wheels ride almost the same as Hubba’s regular uncoloured urethane, very slippy to start with but calm down a bit after a couple of sessions on street. After 2 weeks they showed no signs of wearing down at all. Even on miniramp they resisted flatspots well on reverts and slides and raised a few eyebrows with the colours, so thumbs up to Hubba on these puppies. Speaking of puppies, Hubba just can’t hold it down when it comes to the ladies, if your lucky enough to be passing any of the American trade shows this year they will be having a “Kissing Booth” featuring the Hubba girls and you can get some for a dollar! for more.

Wheels 8/10 – Chic 10/10

Phil Procter