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Heathen – Monolith Deck 8.25″

Admittedly Winter probably isn’t the best time to try and review a skateboard however this new team board from Heathen rocked up just after Christmas and after a few weeks of incessant snow and realising that it probably wasn’t going to bugger off any time soon, I made the unavoidable decision to set it up and skate it anyway.

Like it or not, this time of year invariably means that you’re going to be skating indoors so accepting the inevitable, I hit up Pioneer in St Albans, safe in the knowledge that I should make the most of it as I would probably only be skating once a week for the foreseeable future.

This is the first Heathen board I’ve ridden and comes with an Easter Island Head graphic. A few people I skate with have shredded them in the past and fortunately there’s only been good reports. It’s on the bigger side of the scale clocking in at 8.25 but weight and size seems sturdy and the beast flies when you put your foot down. The concave is surprisingly mellow for a bigger deck which personally I prefer as it lends itself to my preferred terrain: mini ramp skating and a flip trick every other week.

Heathen don’t particularly market themselves to ballet dancing ledge worriers so I can’t say if there are too many boards under the 8″ mark although this model comes in a 7.75″ but if you’re into bigger boards on English companies you should check out your local or hit up Rollersnakes to get one online.

Click here for the Heathen catalogue and enjoy their favorite street rat Lewis Threadgold, footage by Phil Harvey:


Lewis Threadgold Heathen Edit from PhilH on Vimeo.