Skateboarding Product Reviews

Globe – Vagrant

Globe Shoes have delivered another fantastic pair of skate kicks worthy of your attention this month.

The Vagrant, designed and tested by Mark Appleyard is closer in shape to the Magnum but seem wider once you get your feet in them but once you do, they are seriously comfortable.

I used to skate past a vagrant in Kingston back in the day that smelled of wee so bad that local skaters used to call him Smellblast.
There he lay, everyday, maggot infested and causing the biggest stink known to world taste buds. But could you imagine his joy if he had access to instant grip and heel support in a lightweight shoe?

The Vagrant seems to cover all of these bases and lasted a little longer than my Magnums because overall they are built tougher all over. They come with a vulcanized rubber sole and the finish comes distressed in suede and action leather. So if the ‘fucked up’ look floats your boat then you are on an instant winner here.

Overall these rock, go get em..

Chuck Bangers