Skateboarding Product Reviews

Globe – Mark Appleyard

OK, let’s get straight to the point. These shoes are probably the best that Globe have brought out in years. When Appleyard decided to swich to them he obviously had more in mind than the monthly cheque because these shoes are ideal for skateboarding. How do we know that? Because we have skated in them and they rock.
They are fairly small on the foot which is great of control and the sole is built so you can feel every bit of grip on your tape with the combination of suede/nubuck upper. They have optional bottom and top lace protectors, they are triple stitched, have a double layered toe box and ollie patch, a breathable air mesh tongue, internal tongue stabilizers. It’s a winner, so go try them out on your feet. Oh and if you wanted to design your own pair of these, go here

Finnan Crispy