Skateboarding Product Reviews

Globe Encore

Having skated in es accel’s for most of my life, I was dismayed to discover the slight change in the shape of its sole- from pointy to round in the toe, had put me right up shit creek without a shit whacker.

Short of quitting skateboarding, I needed to find another trainer before my toes began to bleed. Luckily for me I had just been handed a fresh new pair of sneaks in the form of kaki Globe Encore’s.

At first glance, they appeared to be lookers, but without wearing them out skateboarding, I was initially dubious. To my surprise though, these globe’s felt rather good! The soles were refreshingly thin around the ball of the foot allowing a more sensitive ride with a cushion at the heel to minimise the insanely irritating bruising I get from being a massive pussy.

It has been such a long time since I skated any other shoe, that I had not realised the developments in shoe technology had come such a long way. The encore’s low cut and minimal construction works in your favour making this shoe light weight and cool, superb for summer usage. They look fairly sharp, with the side stripes no shoe of today is to be without, plus they go with most of my clothes so I’m pretty happy with them. So all in all, this shoe is a winner! Not over the top or made with nasa technology, just good simple shoes to ride with. Bon. for more.