Skateboarding Product Reviews

Globe – Clash Shoe

7th November 2006

Punk rock shoes. No, come back! It’s not as ludicrous as it sounds.

Why shouldn’t punk bands have their own line in branded shoes? Punk rock is street music after all and where do you put your feet when you’re out and about? That’s right baby, on the damn street.

The Misfits, Sex Pistols and The Descendents have all recently had their logos splattered all over shoes and now it’s the turn of possibly the greatest punk rock band of them all, The Clash. Globe have issued the world’s first Clash shoe – a stylish looking old-school skateboarding shoe with soft tricot linings for extra comfort. And they give you primal ankle support with high cut internal tongue stabilizers. I should get some of those for my bike…

Screw the technical jargon, however, let’s get to the important stuff. These shoes look damn cool! The Clash logo is actually quite subtle on the design, appearing on the tongue, inside the shoe and in small on the side but not emblazoned in big letters all over the shoes in cheesy colours. Better still, it’s nice that the designers understand that one of the most important things about The Clash was their rousing and inspirational lyrics. A verse from the classic ‘London Calling‘ is transcribed on the side as a reminder of the sadly departed Joe Strummer’s lyrical genius.

In all, this is a comfortable and stylish shoe that any true punk should be proud to wear. One thing’s for sure, Strummer would have wanted a pair this Xmas….