Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies Thunder Barge collabo shoe

Having only really skated in very slim fitting shoes recently, it felt very odd putting these Etnies Thunder Barge’s on at first. After a few strolls down the shops in them though, I was glad of the extra padding in these Arctic conditions we’ve been having recently.

Feet nicely warm and snug inside, I set about trying to skate in them. Not an easy feat when it’s -3degrees outside, icy as a cold day in Hell, and a layer of snow just thick enough to make national news as a ‘disaster’. The only disaster here is that there’s not a dry patch of concrete for miles so skating is a no go. That is until I get desperate enough for a shred to annoy the neighbours and utilise the massive expanse of concrete warehouse that is my flat. Game of Skate to keep warm then!

With just enough room to stab a very pushes in, I can tell you the soft orange rubber sole gives excellent grip, even on painted concrete. Whilst not to everyone’s taste, the bright colour on the bottom will certainly get you noticed should you fall over feet-up in a snowdrift.

Even though these shoes aren’t advertised as mids, the ankle does feel slightly higher than normal. Not a bad thing as the extra support is always welcome, and it’s not so padded that you feel trapped inside them. The general styling does look very similar to Chukka Lows; it seems a lot of shoe companies are going with the old time-tested designs because they just work much better than anything else. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as the say.

How Thunder contributed to the collaboration process on these is anyone’s guess. Other than their logo printed on the heel, which has gained more than one “Why are you wearing Greenday shoes?” comment, I can’t see anything. Not that it matter, Etnies know what’s up in the shoe department and this is the first pair of them that I’ve truly liked. Solid toe construction, always a thumbs-up from me.

I’d suggest swapping out the hiking boot style laces for thick whites straight away though to get these looking super-fresh. Etnies have won me over slightly to the thicker, more padded skate shoe, definitely until I stop seeing white rooftops and the lovely grey dry concrete colour comes back to us in the Spring.