Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies – Jameson

Most things I’ve come across with Jameson in the title have always been an absolute knockout. I’m not on this earth to sell space travel or to develop mind-blowing software that allows you to transfer scents via email, no sirree, I’m here to enjoy the time I have and both Etnies and Jenna are big contributors to my hap-penis.

The Jameson is a low profile shoe with a suede upper that features a rubber cupsole finished off in a vulcanised look. The footbed with it’s STI foam cushioning, provides max protection against heavy pounding and the bottom won’t fall out over time either, trust me, you’re feet will thank you for treating them so well.

Like Jenna, this is slim model with beautiful curves and you can feel you’re ride grinding away underneath you. It’s great for any session and if you like a slim profile with maximum impact, you should tap these, they’re pretty damn good and trust me, you’re holmies would be foaming at the mouth get some!

Summer’s coming kids, don’t get left behind, these will see you through the hottest time of your year and remember, you’re feet will thank you!

The best thing is, the strobel board of this shoe is 70% recycled, so once you toss them, they’ll be remade and will end up serving someone else in the uncertain future.


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