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Etnies Jameson Eco 2 shoe review


As soon as the summer kicks in I’m craving one thing in particular – another fresh pair of the best recycled shoes you can pick up via etnies, and they never disappoint.

The Jameson Eco 2 is an annual must have. Not only do they give you what you need – a pair of summer kicks that without socks, just cruise through the warmer months and keep your feet happy, but also the fact that etnies are STILL planting trees in various forests around the world, and for every pair sold, another tree goes in the ground. They have managed to plant over a million trees to date in the forests of Costa Rica and Brazil in an attempt to create more oxygen, reduce more co2, mitigate climate change, grow food and feed people. Their mission has now turned to Africa where they continue to plant and create, just like their skateboarding.

As ever, recycled shoes take a little longer to break in than usual. Only a couple of days though so don’t be put off. The faux vulc cupsole stands up as good as it’s unnatural namesake, as does its recycled rubber outsole. Definitely one for the vegetarians out there but notably for everyone.

These are straight up chillers, and I would personally recommend skating in one of etnies’ other amazing lines of skate shoes and keep these for the downtimes. You literally cannot go wrong with a pair on your feet. Go check out the many colourways here.