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éS Swift Everstitch review


Succumb to the beautiful curves of the new éS Swift Everstitch. With its glistening tones and finely tuned stitching these stunning-to-look-at-and-even-better-out-the-box kicks have skateboarding, and only skateboarding in mind.

éS have no need to host lame tennis court events to promote their shoes. These are built for those who truly love the feeling of a new shoe pushing hard into the grit between molecules on your griptape and do so like a boss.

Firstly, these are super lightweight when you lift them from their crib. Secondly they are super comfy – like pillows as your toes seep into the STI within and thirdly, for those who like to skate in the winter, you will happy to know that a wave managed to creep over my toes in these just last week on a beach and my feet stayed as dry as a bone. They also go through a washing machine like a hot knife through butter.

Oh and did I mention these were vegan shoes? Magic you say? YéS, to a degree, because that is what you get when skateboarders have been serving up kicks for skateboarders since 1995. Pure magic, once again, from the masters of all skate shoe making.

Support skateboarding. Buy éS.


Learn more about the morals of éS here.