Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS Haven fleece

Every year Spring turns up and instantly I always feel as though I need a whole bunch of new clothes. Last year’s hoodies are currently awash with cherry holes and are scarred with the stretch marks and rips from sliding out of tricks weekly with general wear and tear so when this Haven hood has brought some sunshine to my wardrobe which was much needed.

Firstly, this light blue number is lightweight and perfect for Spring sessions and not a fleece as us Brits know them, it’s just warm enough to keep the cold out and not too heavy to make you sweat your arse off. I guess that has something to do with the 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend but whatever the stats are it works well. The two tone zip is the highlight as you don’t see many zips with colour splits, it’s a feature that also gets recognised every time I wear this so props to the éS designers as it works a treat.

They are also available in Grey, Blue and Red colours and retail about £54 in stores, overall this is recommended, go find one.

Emilio Gonzales