Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS Coffee Accent and Accelerate


Wake up to the smell of roasting hot skate shoes, hand blended by skateboarders for skateboarders from the quality people at SoleTech. The robusta new Accelerate model from the éS range comes with STI Insoles for supreme comfort and boardfeel plus OG ThermoThane ollie protection for longer lasting shoes only made for skateboarding. A rare design in today’s ‘skate every day so we can cash in on your efforts’ skate shoe game.

The Accent model is definitely more of a chiller, designed with a leather tongue built to stabilize inside the smoothest blend your feet would have ever witnessed. If chosen to skate in, you will find that your feet are closer to your griptape that ever before. We have first hand knowledge to account for the claim. These are the smoothest out there.

Yield the seeds, desire your flavour and get stoked on the fact that the éS Accell is also about to drop into skate shops worldwide this week.

Get your beans together and spend them well this month at the likes of Slam City Skates, Welcome, Scene, Consortium, Black Sheep, Urban Industry, SS20, Bored and Prime Delux skate shops across the UK. Your feet only deserve skater owned products. Never forget it.


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