Skateboarding Product Reviews

Eothen – Ant tree deck

The second I received this deck, I knew I would like it. It might seem superficial, but those graphics make me smile- A tree made of ants. (Eothen have also got a dope logo of some dudes sleeping upright which can be found on other products c.f. Wheels).
Anyway, we all know graphics are only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to the quality of a deck, so let me describe this piece of carpentry the best I can. It measures up at 7.5 inches, but I know that there are also 7.75 and 8 inch models out there. The Ant Tree deck has a mellow concave with virtually straight rails, a slim round nose and tail. The wood isn’t pressed so flat that you’ll be sweating bullets trying to get some pop out of it, and the finish is clean. Eothen might still be a small operation, but what they offer is far from bland. Good decks mean good skating.