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Emerica – Wino

When I’m not skating or earning a dollar, I’m out trashing skate shoes in public houses or I’m kicking rats with wings in Broadway market trying to hit people that wear their shirts back to front like Kris Kross did in their 1992 hit song, Jump. For activities such as the latter, I try to wear something more of the loafer genre as I often find pigeon blood is hard to remove from suede, thus meaning I get that shit all over my grip and this messes with my murder flip reverts, so I try not to spill guts on my skate shoes, hence opting for a  loafer, and none suit me better than the Wino!

Emerica very cleverly designed a loafer that you can skate if you want to, but it’s more aimed at your everyday activity, you know, the things you do when you’re not skateboarding. I have a feeling not many reading this knows what this means, but I’m sure one day this will make sense to you.  The Wino is a classic low profile chiller that’s produced in a skinny suede or canvas upper with a thin, yet grippy, vulc rubber outsole. It’s not really made for stairs or tech, but you can definitely tear up some layback slashes in these or cruise San Fran Hills with optimum board feel.

I love the fact that they named a shoe after someone like Charles Bukowski, it just means I can drink and walk less responsibly than I aim too.

Thanks Guys,

The Vomit Machine