Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica – Leo Romero 1

Leo’s got it all, youth, talent, style and his own pro shoe on one of the most successful shoe companies out there, I’m sure he is pretty happy with the cards he got dealt! It’s hard to deny the fact that this little bugger is living a good life, he kills it at skateboarding, doesn’t Sheckler himself and always produces good skate footage, a good formula if you had to ask me!

He’s first signature shoe on Emerica has to be a big seller, my guess for this statement is based on the amount of skateboarders I see repping these kicks, truth be told, I’ve been wanting to try them out, but just never got round to it. Our friends at Sole Tech came good recently and a pair of black and gum Romero’s found their way to my house and have been on my feet ever since.

I can’t really fault the design to tell you the truth, the shoe is borderline perfect! Everything I look for in a shoe is represented in strong commodities, they’re ultra thin without being flimsy, the sole is of good Sole Tech standards and the tongue doesn’t sit on top of your foot like an extra thick maxi pad designed to withhold the Hoover damn if it burst! I like the look of these too, simplicity has always drawn me to a pair of kicks, too many features usually means mo-money, so simple works for me.

These shoes come in so many different colourways and they also do a midtop. Don’t sit on the idea if you fancy the look of them, go and get them as they are super-good for skateboarding and last longer than you’d expect.