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Emerica – Hsu Apparel

Emerica – Hsu Apparel

The Rolling Stones has a song that comes to mind when thing’s don’t go your way, it’s simply called, you can’t always get what you want. Fuck that, you can have whatever you want, but only if you really want it, a theory proven true by the one man in skateboarding that gets what he wants no matter the cost, Jerry Hsu. If you don’t believe bruv, check out his latest section in Stay Gold and you’ll understand why I preach this written verbal!

I recently acquired a set of Hsu’s Emerica threads, a pair of slim fit jeans and a nice long sleeve flannel to see me fresh into the months of falling leaves and colour. The flannel shirt comes in real handy this time of the year, as the nights get a little cooler, this yarn dyed plaid fleece will keep your body temperature at a healthy equilibrium without the necessity of a jacket. Flannels are great and this one, like many others, instantly becomes a shirt you’ll wear on more occasions than you intend too, it’s comfortable and stylish, what more can a skateboarder ask for in a piece of clothing?

The jeans are exactly as described, 98% cotton with 2% stretch, making them ideal for any skateboarder on this planet! They are actually quite thick as it goes and judging by some of the things Jerry attempts without making it first try, they have to be super tough to endure some of the slams this man takes to gets what he wants! They are a perfect pair of slim fitting denims, comfy in crotch and thighs, but slightly tapered from the knee down, a great pair of jeans by my standards.

Both garments come with the standard Hsu Trim, a heart logo pin and labels. Jerry’s pretty hot property in Vice scene, so if you feel you lack a good appearance, tap into his collection and get yourself looking good whilst shredding the streets, it might get you laid?

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