Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element – Ray Barbee Tribute 8″

Getting excited about reissues really shows one’s age, but the truth of matter is, anything that gets another shelf life opportunity usually means it was the dog’s testicles the first time round and therefore deserves this well overdue encore!

Element recently added Ray to their team of super humans and when they announced the re-release of the famous “stitchhead” graphic, Ray’s first ever pro board released in 1989 (artwork by Sean Cliver), not only did I shit myself with excitement about the graphic, I also came unannounced and endlessly when I learnt it would be pressed on a featherlight construction deck in my favourite shape (*14) and size, 8 x 31.75! The only downside to this was that ultimately, it meant I had to take it out the wrapper and skate it, but this was after all the initial intent of the original, so I guess mounting it on my wall was never an option.

This board cannot be faulted in any way, it’s flawless! The size, the press, the shape, the weight and obviously this ltd graphic is the best combination of plies I’ve ever had the privilege of kicking around and I cannot share my excitement enough, I love it. Element have introduced a number system for choosing the shape that suits your riding style best, this is by far the coolest thing introduced into skateboarding as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing quite like finding familiarity under your feet when hitting a fresh pool, rail or ledge. Ray’s board is pressed in *14, check out Element’s site to find the shape that works for you.

Have I mentioned this is the best board I’ve ever ridden? Sorry, have I not? Well, it’s true, this board caters for my needs on every level possible, bowls, parks and street, this deck is the perfect all rounder. It’s super light too, which makes it snappy and responsive. Skateboarding…it’s a beautiful thing.