Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element – Homage Denim

It’s not easy to review jeans i guess but it’s all down to quality i reckon. Element have been making quality clothing for ages now – these jeans are no exeption.

I must admit i always buy jeans that extra size up to skate in just for more space and flexibility, i always look out for the extra pockets so u can stash my daily usuables whilst out on a schralpe and these have everything you need.

They come with that semi worn look so you don’t hit the street with a total complex that you have the newest clothes on ever, some people like that squeeky clean thing but me, i like to be worn in and faded, you get me?

I have been skating in these jeans for the last 4 weeks and as i said, they may be difficult to review but it’s an easy task when they are still in one piece and without massive holes in them already and i have taken a few falls along the way, so it must say something about these jeans.

Pay Homage…

Chuck Bangers