Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element Eternal Shorts & Intersection Shirt

I’d put these new Eternal shorts down for a day at the beach rather than a bowl. They give off a more respectable appearance and feel slightly more designer than redneck. I love having a pair of pimping shorts in my collection, girls love good pants and I love good girls, you do the math.

The Intersection Shirt is actually one of the nicest garments I’ve ever received from Element. The shirt has an Oxford style feel to it with a chambray appearance. It’s lightweight 100% cotton though, fitted and extremely nice to wear. I do actually skate in it, but I know I’d be cheesed off when I eventually hang up and slide across the concrete tearing it to shits but hey-ho.

This combination goes well together, if you like this then click here for more from this year’s Element Spring 2010 collection.