Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element – Desoto Jean

Fresh out of the steamy red-bricked neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, New York, the Desoto is swiftly becoming one of Element’s most wearable and well-designed denim product. It’s expertly crafted from cotton and nice ‘n’ stretchy ‘flex denim’ and comes in a classic slim-straight fit that’s neither too tight nor too baggy but fitted like all good jeans should. This may come as a surprise to those who saw the word ‘Brooklyn’ and were mentally assaulted by gangs of scumtache hipsters in the tightest jeans ever made, but the fitting is legit and perfect for getting just the right amount of attention. As in, they make your legs look good to any eye that looks your way and not ridiculous. Yahtzee!

It’s a noticeably lightweight jean that allows more freedom and leg movement than most of the preferred trouser-choices of skateboards (cords, chinos etc.), certainly more than denim. Versatility is something that should always be encouraged in clothing companies who aim their products at skateboarders; as when we’re not skating or climbing over fences (poorly) we’re sitting on our arses, so a strong but massively comfortable jean is ideal. This is spot on.

Pictured is the same grey colourway that are currently covering my thighs, knees and shins. It’s got pockets in the right places and there’s minimal branding which – in an ideal world – should be practiced as standard. Two thumbs way up on these bad boys and full dopealicious/10.

Bellend Sebastian