Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element Clothing

28th Dec 2006

As we step further into the winter and bare the front of all the harsh elements Mother Nature wants to bestow upon us, an adequate wardrobe is the strict minimum so as not to suffer. Aware of the elements (ha!), Element has produced some top quality gear to make it through the winter, with style to boot.

First up are the Grind Pants, or trousers if you’re British, made of a soft corduroy material that is exactly what you want during the cold season- Jeans don’t retain heat and simply soak up moisture! These bottoms have a good cut to them which leave them baggy everywhere except the crotch region, so people won’t point and laugh at you as if you crapped your boxers.

With the bagginess in mind, the cut doesn’t flare out at the bottom and sits comfortably over your shoes without dragging under the heel. Extra detail includes deep pockets and flat rivets in the hip/pocket regions so no hippers here.

Next, we have the One Love Hoodie: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. I got an extra large version of this top, and it has to be my favourite. Super soft and not wafer thin, but not too heavy either. The hood is pretty big, so you can whip it over your hat, beanie, doo-rag or paper bag with no problem. Good graphic, though not pictured is the little skateboard that appears on the back right hip side.

Finally we have two t-shirts. There isn’t much that can go wrong with t-shirts and Element have been stitching up their good for quite some time now to know that a t-shirt mustn’t shrink, the screened print can’t flake and the seams must be sewn tightly. With all the bases covered, these two tees are sweet.

Have a look at the online catalogues and see if anything takes your fancy.


Ralph Lloyd-Davis