Skateboarding Product Reviews

DVS – Dresden

Depending on what floats your boat when it comes to the design of skate shoes, you must remember that they were originally built for skateboarding but when i opened the box and these lay there, i must admit i thought, dammit, it’s a fashion shoe and not really my thing personally….until i got them on! Firstly, being a person that usually skates in a flat sole, they were high but they also make you walk like you are on the moon….bit by bit with a walk to the shops i realised that they were seriously comfortable. But when put to the test, they are the best street skating shoes i have worn to date. These were surely built to spill heel bruises as there is so much protection there at the back end that it’s surely gonna be on your side when it comes down to running out of stuff.

This shoe has a sure-fit tongue strap, perforated foam for heat reduction, a soft lined insole and built in leather. Fuck fashion, these are skateboard shoes!

Finnan Crispy