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DVS Coen Euro Trash – Mark Baines

Back in my schooldays Euro Trash was the kind of filth we talked about during lunch on the playground. This was before the internet made tits and arse easy-viewing and some tacky bits of tail on Channel 4 was a great deal more exciting that the Clarks Bootleg shoes on our feet. Now, we live in a much more mature world where filth can be saved for private evenings online and the talk of the streets is instead what’s on our feet. And in some sort of ying yang twist, what we’re talking about at lunch here is still Euro Trash, just this one is a little bit more tasteful.

The DVS Coen model has been remixed by the illustrious Mark Baines, whose colourway is smart, simple and carries a lot more visual appeal than those that featured in the garish sets of TV shows long gone. Foolishly, I was under the impression that by wearing these shoes I would instantly be able to do nollie frontside heelflips just like Mr. Baines. But magic is obviously just a childhood dream inspired by the sleazy French presenter’s promise of nipples and bums. I wasn’t too put off. What we actually want, are solid shoes, worthy of our cash money. The Coen is such a shoe. It’s not too bulky, it boasts a sweet navy suede upper, it lasts a lot longer than the trendy vulcs that normally hang off my feet and it’s just straight up reliable.

So save the filth for online. Get these kicks on and go skating outside you trashy euro bastards.

Dick Bastardly

Watch Baines do nollie frontside heels and more better than you can below in his part from the Euro segment of DVS’ ‘Dudes, Dudes, Dudes‘.