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Destructo – D2 Lite Raw

When a truck is tried, tested and approved by Arto Saari then it is a truck I hope will somehow give me the confidence to stop slacking and learn some new ledge tricks. It was the original D2 prototype that was given the thumbs up by the only man who can get away with skating to two Bowie songs one year and popular math-rock another. The D2 Lite is a lightweight (duh) construction achieved mostly through hollowpoint kingpins and a lighter design shaped through the same D2 geometry that helped Arto fluidly carve around a corner and backlip a double kinked rail. The addition of the inconspicuous East-Coast killer Jake Johnson earlier this year was a good move too. Their job on Destructo is to sell me a product and they have done a good job: hitherto Jake Johnson’s welcome clip, Destructo never really came to mind when buying trucks, and I found myself excited to try something new.

A snapped kingpin troubled my younger self frequently so I was overjoyed to find that a month of regular night sessions through the city has done little to no damage. So don’t let the term ‘Lite‘ fool you into thinking by choosing this design you are compromising a truck’s necessary strength. These are solid. And that is not to say that I haven’t been shredding the shit out of these! Doubters gonna doubt, sure, but you readers better be recognising that I have taken all five of my ledge tricks to the D2. I even learnt a new trick for the first time in years! Once they were fully worn and grooved into my awkward stance I found they provided a smooth, consistent turn (which given how slow-footed I am, is an absolute necessity) with a genuinely noticeable lightness and somehow made grinding feel radder than usual. Like butter.

The D2 Lite is relatively inexpensive for a simple lightweight truck, and I can only recommend that you give these a try too.

Bellend Sebastian