Skateboarding Product Reviews

Creature Blood Shed Deck

As with most Creature boards, the Blood Shed isn’t for the faint hearted! It weighs in at a hefty 8.375 with an extra long wheel base of 31.9 making ideal for smashing a hole in your local bowl. With riders such as our very own man mountain Stu Graham putting Creature products to the test on some of the world most frightening terrain, the good people over at the NHS HQ have added extra reinforcements with their highly acclaimed Power Ply system.

Donning their trademark luminous lime green, the Creature design team has unleashed a retro horror movie poster theme for us this time around. The theme for the graphic comes direct from the new Creature DVD Hesh Law, set for release in the early part of December 2009, with Blood Shed being the B-side to this main feature.

So, how does it skate and who is it aimed at? Well the Creature family aren’t known for their skills on plastic picnic tables nor for their Nollie Tres Nose Manny Nollie Inward Heels out, but that’s not to say that other boards within their range do not cater for such activities. The size of this board pushes it more towards the Pool and Tranny skater or anyone with a need for something more solid under their feet and the ample concave and kicks are in place to help keep you afloat. All in all, another solid release from the guys at Creature, keep your eyes out for Hesh Law in your local SOS this Xmas.

Emilio Gonzales