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Crailtap Socks

Right, I’m not sure where to start really. I’ve never read a sock review before so don’t really know what to write about. Well here goes.

The first thing you notice about these Crailtap socks is probably how hideous they are. Argyle never suits, or has ever suited anyone, even golfers. I suppose at least these are made of some of the less offensive argyle out there.

I’ve got to say, they are damn comfy. Never thought I’d say that about a pair of socks, but as soon as I pulled them on over my gnarled-up skate feet I was walking around in a world of soft. One gripe I have with them is the lack of friction between the socks and the inner soles of my skate shoes, so I feel a little like I’m walking around on highly polished wooden floors. A few more tests and it seems to happen with most of my other shoes, so think about your sock/shoe combos carefully before going out. Safety first kids.

As with everything associated with the Crailtap family, there is a small Crail logo on the ankle. In pink silk stitching, just to add to how ludicrously ugly these socks are. If the argyle pattern doesn’t stop your girlfriend from talking to you, the pink logo will.

What I loved about these socks was the slogan printed on the sole of them, that no-one will see unless you are giving them a swift kick to the face, which won’t even hurt anyway because you’re wearing socks. The saving grace of having the words ‘Putting the sole in asshole’ made me piss myself laughing when I saw it. The girlfriend was only mildly amused and kept saying how worried she was that I was this excited about a pair of socks, and that I should probably sleep on the sofa tonight.

We all know that Crailtap don’t take themselves too seriously, which is why they have created such a hideous pair of footgloves. Argyle, pink logos, the word ‘asshole’: these all add up to a stupid pair of socks that give you at least 5 minutes of entertainment before one of them disappears into the void where socks hang out and fuck each other.