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Circa Cx205 Review

If you have been skating for more than 2 years you will be bound to know that Circa shoes have lost a lot of their top riders to companies such as Fallen, Osiris and the mighty Globe. This may have damaged their previous reputation of having one of the strongest shoe teams in the business but they still manage to make some kick ass shoes.

The pair I got, Circa Cx205’s (brown and white in colour) had many functions such as a ‘C1 Reflex cushion’ attached to the innersole, a rubber toe cap, a removable strap and is made from a 100% synthetic leather upper for all the vegans out there.

I got these shoes in the middle of the summer and seeing as I was skating hard every day, and these shoes lasted me six to eight weeks, I was well impressed. They felt pretty stiff at first but after a day or two of wearing them in they felt like a dream. They were particularly good to Ollie in and were great at absorbing the shock from big drops.

These shoes really are one of Circa’s finest moments.

Chris Arundel

Make sure you check out for all the trimmings.