Skateboarding Product Reviews

Brixton Parlor Hat

This hat has already made it into my Facebook status, that’s how good it is. ‘Sarah is loving her hat. And she’s not even drunk.’

Alcohol tends to increase my love of headwear but I am partial to a hat anyway if it’s a good ‘un. And this one just happens to fall into that category. This Brixton hat is fairly sturdy considering it’s made from straw. And given that it is sturdy, it’s still remarkably light on your head. I almost forget I’m wearing it half the time and even in boiling weather it doesn’t seem to increase the heat of your head too much.

The best bit about this hat however is the silky chocolate brown polka-dotted ribbon wrapped around it and tied with a lovely bow (this also features on the inside – nice). And the fact that it covers up bad hair day dramas. Also to its merit is the fact that the brand shares a name with a part of south London. Well, I think that’s a good thing anyway.

Only complaints are that it is a bit annoying to transport if it’s not on your head (squishable in a bad way) so I’m not sure how long it will last in my hands. The fact that it won’t go over my bulky headphones means that carrying it off the head is necessary at points which means that I’m bound to put it down and leave it somewhere. And it’s definitely a summer hat. You’d look a bit of a plonker wearing it in bad weather. Apart from that, this hat is a keeper!

Sarah Maynard