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Bones 54mm Skatepark Formula

Bones Wheels made for Concrete put to the test.

Aaaaah Bones Wheels. The last time I had a set of Bones was back in the 80’s. A lovely set of lime green G-Bones. G Turns, sess slides, power slides and waxing the road to learn those uBer stylish backside powerslides are all coming back to me.

By now I have given away my age and lost the interest of half the readers on this site, but let’s just say that Bones have a lot to live up to from such fond memories and younger readers should probably take note of this review.

I was stoked to get my hands on a set of Bones made in this Century, but as soon as I saw them I was bummed. They look like they are made by Argos! Remember those first Darkstar wheels? Shiny plasticy things? This new “anti flatspot” technology see’s wheel companies moving away from traditional pure urethane and incorperating weird materials like silicone but all that aside, I had a new rig set up and Mile End was my end destination.

The thought of shiny, plastic wheels on that ice rink filled me with visions of swellbows so I took my old wheels just in case. To my suprise, these wheels were fantastic! They were super grippy when they had to be, even in “that corner” at the park, you know the one i’m talking about, but they don’t bite on tailslides either.

The graphics are printed using a heat press, so unfortunately they might last and the overall wheel is pour moulded which means you don’t really need to break them in. Although they are 54mm, they have a cambered sidewall so they actually feel smaller especially on the likes of rails which means it’s easier to pop out of tricks. I hit up some sketchy ledge backlips and nosebluntslides but they could not even defeat these babies. Maybe the anti flatspot formula works or maybe I was just lucky, either way I am still smiling.

I am yet to try them on street or wood but if you looking for a medium/ hard wheel for concrete, these might float your boat. Well done Mr Powell, or whever is running Bones Wheels. Twenty years later I am still stoked on your urethane!