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Blind Skateboards – Ronnie Creager

Resin V deck
(Playstation graphics 7.5′)

7.5 is skinny! I’m skinny but I don’t like 7.5’s. You can put the grip on horizontally, but it’s still a skinny 7.5!

Blind seem to have a plethora of ply series out. This one is the Resin V deck. I think the “V” is for vertical…I perused the lil’ cardboard thingy that comes in the wrapping but like almost everything I read, it just bored me and I’m still non the wiser as to how they make them.

I think they have the normal standard top and bottom horizontal ply setup But in the middle there’s a load of thicker vertical ply’s, apparently more than 75! All constructed in the worlds biggest emerging market, the country where if all the citizens where to jump simultaneously, earth would move off it’s axis. A lotta’ people, a lotta’ ply’s.

Anyways it’s a Ronnie Creager! A straight up skateboard legend, one of the rare few who possess the skill on a board to do anything they want and make it look good, I’m sure he could skate a piece of chipboard and still be one of the best skateboarders ever.

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Mike Sutcliffe