Skateboarding Product Reviews

Black Label – Kyle Leeper 8 x 31.25

Sin City Series – Blacklight wood

Yeah, skateboards still evolve all the time, you might not always be aware of this, but every company out there tries something new every now and then to give their boards more appeal to the likes of you lot!

Black Label aren’t new to this era of fresh ideas, they’ve already come up with the blackhole decks, powerbeams and now the ever lasting blacklight! Blacklight gives you maximum strength and minimum weight…..wait, that’s how boards should be? Why isn’t anyone else doing this?

This board like many other labels I’ve had in my skate span is amongst the finest wood a tree can produce. It’s actually super light and I’ve been rocking to fakie for over a month now and the fucker won’t crumble! The pop retains at maximum strength still and I’ve honestly been around the block a few times on this black beauty. The shape is what you’d expect from Kyle’s style, simple and quirky at the same time (it makes sense to me). Its medium concaved with normal nose to tail ratios, but it comes around so quickly when you roll your foot off the side for it to flip, you’ll be stoked on it.

I honestly highly recommend this board to anyone who feels the need to start 2009 with fresh wood under their feet; it’s strong, light and snappier than rice crispies! The graphic alone is worth a purchase, gambling and rubber duckies are hotter than dessert sand.

Like Shuriken Shannon said, “phfff, it’s BlackLabel bitch, that’s all I got to say!!”

Check out Label at and some footage at the Berrics, it’s the hottest edit on that interwebsite fosho!