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Anti Hero: It’s The Wood 8.38 x 32.56

I would strongly urge everyone reading this to stop wasting time trying to flip in and out of tricks with something that looks like you’ve wiped a Magnum off it and man up. Big boards are the way forward. For the past few years I’ve been slowly working my way up from a lowly 7.75 to this beast and it’s by far the best move I’ve made.

This beauty may be more suited to transition or mini ramp skating until you get used to the width but after a while you should be able to get to grips with it on the streets. Personally I would rather skate something that had a bit more to it but what do I know? Being on the bigger side, physics dictate that it will probably flip slower until your pipecleaner legs bulk up a bit but the added bonus is the extra few millimetres really do make the difference when it comes to surface area to catch and after a while you’ll be bang on it. Deluxe have been making boards on the wider side for some time and they seem to have perfected the formula; as the board says “It’s The Wood“.

The shape is spot on, even for such a wide plank and underfoot it feels instantly reassuring looking down at the sheer bloody size of it. It may take a few sessions to get the feel of a wider board but as soon as you do you wont go back. The build quality, like all DLX boards is flawless without a delam or crack in sight after a good few weeks of skating. In short just about the only thing that I could find wrong with this board in particular is that it is about 1/16th of an inch narrower than griptape but I’m sure your local skateshop will be more than happy to slice the ends off their fingers to grip it for you.

To sum up: Antihero have one of the sickest teams around and consistently make top notch products with this being no exception. It’s a simple rad graphic on a brilliant board that you will love if you skate a lot of transition or are a street skater hanging onto a bit of holiday weight (noone is judging you.) Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

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