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Anti Hero – Howling Eagle Medium 7.81 x 31.75

” Bus Driver attempts to kill howling Eagle!!! “

I had this beauty for ages before getting the chance to set it up, so long so, that I contemplated building a glass box on top of a tower and locking it in there for all eternity to look at! Obviously I’m not that queer, so I set that fucker up as soon as I got the chance.

The Anti Hero Howling Eagle (medium) soars at 7.81″ and has a wingspan of 31.75″; truly amazing if your swooping into bowls or just flying over massive gaps! The board is stable in a transitioned environment due to its medium fat body and will serve you well when the corner gets tough, but its not much bigger than the crowd favourite (7.75), which means, it holds its ground steadily when it comes to cruising the streets and tearing up them ledges!

The wheelbase is slightly shorter than average, but its perfect for a board of this size. Its not heavily concaved either, which is always a plus in my books, with the nose & tail being almost equal in lift. The shape is definitely the best I’ve had in a very long time and I truly intend to search high and low for something better, but I think it’s going to be a difficult search.

This board has taken a serious beating over the last couple of months, but it’s come up trumps, thus making it even harder to stop sucking its beak!! Besides the normal wear and tear any skateboard endures during its lifespan, this particular board found itself hopelessly trapped in the claws of a man made predator much more powerful than itself, the N31, a fucking London night BUS! Fortunately for me, the wheels of the bus couldn’t grab the eagle properly and spat it out to the side with mere pressure cracks and grip tape cuts being the only injuries sustained. I’m still flying the eagle to this day and am convinced it won’t be over between us for some time to come.

Like I said, this is arguably the best wood I’ve had in all of my life, but nothing is perfect and I will continue to try and find something better. However, this board is truly off the hook and worth checking out, in fact, the graphic alone is worth a purchase! It comes in a bigger model too if you fancy a beast under your feet.


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