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Altamont Wilshire denim

Indigo Raw

The Reynolds Wilshire’s are to me the best fitting jeans to hit the shelves in the last 5 or so years! Levis 501 was my legs of choice, but they changed the pattern and made the leg completely straight, giving them a wider fit at the bottom which annoyed me so much I started searching for a new fit. I tried everything and GAP slims was the nearest I could find, but they have no stretch and we all know what that means…balls out eventually.

I own 4 pairs in this model and they are the only jeans I wear, film premieres, gigs, barbeques, tree climbing and skateboarding, they hit the spot for all the occasions that life has to offer and I therefore am very happy another pair made it’s way to me.

The jeans are 98% cotton with 2% spandex, this saves you’re balls from busting out and avoids balls on griptape contact…THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!. It’s a standard five-pocket jean and is made using Kurabo denim, which is really good quality and strong too. It’s got printed pocket linings and some Reynolds embroidery on inside back waistband.

These jeans are practical, comfy and very stylish, a great combination in anyone’s vocabulary, don’t get left behind, get on the wagon, if you liked the OG 501’s back the 90’s, then you’ll love these in the zero’s.

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