Skateboarding Product Reviews

Altamont – Hobo Plaid Shirt

Looking for something you can wear under a jacket without suffocating yourself…something nice and thin, yet practical and stylish? Then I’d say the Hobo Plaid is a fairly good answer to your prayers.

This lightweight, Henley style hooded shirt comes in a stylish plaid design and is made from 100% cotton. It features a drawstring hood, 4 button neck for ventilation control, nice and steezy kangaroo front pockets and another drawstring in the hem, useful to keep the bite out. The hood is lined with a nice thin jersey layer which makes all the difference when you wear it up and over your ears, trust me, it goes a long way in the adverse weather conditions we’re currently experiencing!

Altamont has a few very diverse ranges and I’d classify this garment as much more of a simple item, it’s practical, very functional and looks really good, not a bad effort in my books. I like rolling with this hood in winter because it’s like skating in your favourite shirt, but with a hoody to cover your ears and keep them warm too