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Altamont Consequence Shirt

Any shirt that comes with a stash pocket sewn into the inside and a label inside that says “Wash when necessary” is definitely my kind of shirt. Not that I’m going to hide anything illegal inside it of course, but it’s useful to have there, just in case.

So, my first outing in this garm was an art exhibition in ‘trendy’ East London, so already I managed to camouflage myself into the crowd with its 1950’s plaid design. Now it’s a good job that this thing says to only wash it now and again, because the free booze on offer quickly flowed straight down my front, and I don’t know about you, but I still don’t deem that worthy of getting a proper wash, just yet.

The stash pocket did actually come in useful for hiding cigs inside it too, as well as trying my damndest to get a bottle of beer inside it to smuggle into another place we went to. No such luck though, and I steadily got very drunk indeed.

However, the great styling and quality of this Altamont shirt meant I still looked ‘cool’ enough to get into some swanky bar, with its detailing distracting the bouncers long enough for me to get inside without them seeing that my face had tried jumping about 3 inches to the right of my head, and my brain had long since gone. Thank you Altamont!

This is the perfect summer shirt, as the weather in ‘orrible Britain gets better. Light cotton means it’s great to skate in too, and provided it doesn’t stink too bad at the end of the day, will make you look fresh as you stroll to the pub in the evening. And you could always wash it, if you wanted…

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