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Altamont – Ralph Steadman ‘Lono’ Tee

For those not in the know, Ralph Steadman is the genius behind every illustration that ever accompanied the Gonzo Journalism by heavyweight author, Hunter S. Thompson. The two of them go together like independent trucks and pool coping, a perfect match. Altamont collaborated with Ralph and brought a range of Tees that showcase work out of ‘The Curse of Lono’, the book referred to as Fear and Loathing in Hawaii! It’s one Tachen’s finest presses in my books and I highly recommend you get hold of a copy for Ralph’s drawings alone; every sketch is a cerebral piece.

Altamont’s collabs have been consistently good over the years and I like very much that someone finally put Steadman’s visuals on cotton, his work should be seen by everyone, it’s truly unique! If you ever thought of getting your hands on a classic Steadmans, then I highly recommend you start with The Curse of Lono. It’s filled with great art and Hunter S. Thomspon writes a damn good story as per usual, but who could doubt that?