Skateboarding Product Reviews

Almost Impact – Chris Haslam

Spending just over a year and a half in board sponsorship limbo hasn’t troubled me too greatly as in this time I have developed a skill vital to day-to-day survival in the skateboard and more importantly, real world; the ‘blag‘. The only reason I have had to write this damn review is because unfortunately The Silver Fox wanted something in return off me for stealing his boards… the cheeky bastard!

Apparently, the ‘special‘ thing about this Almost board is that it has two carbon plates under the mounting areas of the board, which apparently stop it from breaking over the trucks, the most common area of board breakage. Great, another pointless invention to a technology that needs no improving right? Much like the integration of the camera into the mobile phone, personally I really see no point in trying to improve on something that works fine on its own anyways and really needs no tampering with.

However, in fairness I guess it could be argued this does actually work or at least make some sort of difference as the board didn’t snap, which for me is pretty unusual. I have ridden Dwindle decks plenty in the past and I really, really like them, especially the resin wood is super poppy and the shapes are always spot on… but like anything in skateboarding, what works for me probably wont work for you.

Whatever, this was a really good board until I totally fucked it up trying to back tail shuv this rough as hell bank thing… you can see how the board took the three thousand tries it took me to make it and this was pretty much the only reason I took it off. I’m, pretty sure it would have lasted way longer if I hadn’t of taken four plys out the tail! OK, so I’m rambling now… this board apparently retails at £5 more than any of the other Dwindle boards and if you are a hammer time heavy hitter and like jumping down 50 stairs on a daily basis, then why not spend the extra £5 on a board with carbon plates in? They worked for me and let’s face it, you’re only gonna go spend it on crap anyways.


The Gardener