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150 Classic Skateboard Stickers book


My love of the skateboard sticker seems to have lasted throughout most of my entire life, i guess if you skate then you know just how important these damn things are. Whether you are one of those who has a wall, cabinet or car full of them, or if you have a shoe box of them under your bed, stickers in our scene are like currency to us skateboarders and much loved.


Many of us own books on skate art, sticker history and board graphics, but one book in particular came to me wrapped in birthday paper this year full of actual stickers for once. 150 of them in fact. What a superb surprise as I flicked through to see many of the finest skateboard brands represented, page by page – all covered in ready-to-peel skate stickers.


I love the fact that so much work has gone into this book to fill it. Andy Jenkins at Girl, Jim Thiebaud from Real, Jim Phillips from Santa Cruz, Mike Hill of Alien Workshop and Ed Templeton from Toy Machine all share short interviews on the brands before your eyes are filled with memories from the brands in question via wonderful, colourful stickers.

Simple ideas are often the best and the only question you have to ask yourself once you have a copy in your hand is whether you will leave them all intact inside the book or peel them off. What would you do?

Head to Sticker Bomb World to pick one up for £17.95.