Gardner’s Moves

After about a hour or so, a few beers and a can of strawberry cider, I felt ready to shoot a photo with Moose.

I had been eyeing up the gap from a little kicker over the bowl and into a little quarter, but as it was backside I just didn’t feel like it was for me, so I decided to just run as fast as I could and try and clear it to the flat.

This plan was going well besides the fact that the floor was a slippery as your mum’s kitchen when you are wearing socks and there were 3 pikey pre GCSE girls with a massive dog standing in my landing area. Never the less I managed to muster the speed and after almost hitting their dog they moved on and we were able to shoot it.Martyn Thomas


Chris Ault – Beer Run
Aaron Nannup – Hell-drop to front board
Ben Hatchell – Muchos Blunts
Andrew Gallagher – Leap of Filth
Joe Moore – A big mess aka fakie 900 gazelle double flip?
Ouch – Sucker.
Ryan Sheckler – Roof Kickflip

Pic of the Bunch

James Gardner makes shadows for Moose’s lens and rolls out onto the marble surface with ease.