Tanners Moves

This month UK Cliche rider John Tanner joins us for a guest Moves and Top 5’s. Sequence shot by the one and only Styley who now resides in Japan and is missed by all.

Torey Pudwill (Flip Crooks)

Lucas Puig (Switch BS Flip)

Gino Iannucci (Switch back tail)

Chico Brenes (Flatground line)

Tanner’s Top 5 useful items to have in your bag around London:

1) Rizla – Cash in when that stranger asks you by charging 50p per sheet. That’s 5 packets of Space Raiders bro!

2) Spare T-shirt – There’s nothing like a fresh T-shirt after a heated session. Be prepared for those occasions where a Pub/Club visit is mandatory after your homie puts it down.

3) Digital Camera – For capturing those Milfs and footballers wives amongst other things like that sick spot you go past on the bus or those killer number plates.

4) Deodorant – Keep it simple son! This one’s self-explanatory to you all i hope.

5) Spare Laces – Whether it’s for tying up security guards or simply fixing your Run DMC steez, don’t forget a lace has a million uses.

Top 5 Girl/Choc decks on the wall:

1) Girl – (Unknown) 94′
2) Chocolate– Keenan (Car Series) 01′
3) Girl – Jovantae (Basketball Shirt) 94′
4) Chocolate – Keenan (Psychic Healer) 98′
5) Chocolate – Mulder (Holy Water) 98′

Pic of the Week

Matt Clarke gets down low with his lens whilst Jezz feebles the rail and minds the gap.