Special Tour Tricks Moos

Julien Furones – Tree wallie ph. Eric Antoine c/o Skateboard Europe.
Daniel Cardone – Dropping in.
Anthony Van Engelen – BS 50-50.
Scooter Decenzo – Natas 3000.
Mark Appleyard – 360 Flip.
Mark Baines – Fakie nosegrind switch FS 180 manual out.
Chris Cole – FS Flip.

Top 5 Reasons the Crossfire Xmas Jam rocked:

1. Sick skating from over 50 top British riders
2. Truck loads of free goodies
3. Fos’ Heroin Whale Tail
4. Multiple Best Trick comps open to all
5. After party at Mau Mau!!!!!
6. and mainly because you came to support it…thanks.