Mikey’s Moves

Mike Wright switch bs flips for Baghead Flats courtesy of Sidewalk’s Leo Sharp.

Cody McEntire nollie bigspin heelflip…
Korahn Gayle – Backside 360 Ollie
Ty Evans – Steady Cam Steeze –
Alex Olson – B/S Smith
Arto Saari – F/S Nosegrind
Sierra Fellers – Switch Heelfip
Dave Watson – Nollie Flip

Top 5 Tipples for under a fiver

1. Spirit Of Kentucky Whisky (£4 in Iceland)
2. Vodkat (£5 in Tesco)
3. Cabernet Shiraz Wine (£2.99 in One Stop)
4. Carlsberg (6 bottles for £2 in Co-Op)
5. Anything you can find (£Fuck all in Lidl)

Top 5 reasons to come to the Flip demo in London this weekend

1. Geoff Rowley and Tom Penny are back home
2. David Gonzales is off the hook and now pro for Flip and Globe
3. Glastonbury has Jay- Z headlining.
4. FREE stuff and amzing skating.
5. Everyone will be out for it.

Pic of the Week

Anthony Shetler shows why Zoo York shipped him across the pond for the recent UK Tour with this perfect nollie krook at Bay Sixty 6. Pic by Phil Procter.