Cow Grinds plus…

Willy Santos: Wallride shove-it to fakie (pic)
Louis Cooper: Nollie 360 flip
JB Gillet: Pupecki grind
Danny Way: Bomb drop
Sam Partaix: Blunt to fakie
Antwuan Dixon: Noseslide nollie 270 heelflip out
Peter Hewitt: Frontside invert

Top 5 Random Videos Blurts:

1. “Yeeeaaahhhh man!” Joey Suriel throwing gang signs in 20 Shot Sequence.

2. “He puts the ‘B’ in ‘Boss’!” Terry Kennedy praises his Boss in Baker 3.

3. “I live for 36 exposures…” Brad Staba cameo’s once again for BA in Modus Operandi.

4. “Praise the Lord, death is for sinners!” Lennie Kirk spreads the word in Timecode.

5. “Get that camera out of my face fool!” Atiba playing the international tough guy in Chomp On This.

Skate Homework Top 5:

1. Watch the Gonz in Video Days.

2. No-comply a curb.

3. Teach another kid how to drop in.

4. Bomb a Hill.

5. Read a Natas Kaupas interview.