Richie’s Moves

Styley was in San Jose to see the moustached magician, Death pro Richie Jackson, fling himself down this monster of a handrail in true caveman style. Look out for his section in the new Transworld video, And Now, for more styled out mindfucks.

Chet Childress – Frontside Wallride
Bobby Worrest – ‘Hippy’ Jump
Dan Plunkett – Grimey and gritty
Landscape – Big Push Offcuts
Dyson Ramones – 360 Flip
Tom Hobson – Nose Manual Lipslide
Bobby Puleo – Bobby Puleo!

Top 5 Reasons why Jams are awesome

1) Stickers suddenly morph into beer tokens at the afterparty
2) It’s acceptable to shout “wheeeeeey!” into a megaphone
3) Dan Wileman
4) Just dropping in while The Prodigy’s ‘Girls‘ is blazed out makes you feel like a king.
5) Thinking about them reminds me of raspberry jam, which is yummy.

Top 5 Transworld Videos

1) Sight Unseen
2) Modus Operandi
3) Anthology
4) And Now
5) Feedback

Pic of the week

How about some landscape to go with those shapes? And Now… Kenny Hoyle flaps his wings and draws the attention of Blair Alley‘s lens away from the skyline with this lofty front crooks.