Awadh’s Moves

Awadh may have just late shoved his way to the throne of this Canada Water handrail.
Seq: Styley.

Dennis Busenitz – Kickflip
Shaun Witherup – Mudchute Manuals
Joey Brezinsky – Nose Manual 360 Shove
Tyler Brick – Kickflip
Boris Proust – Nosemanual
Kenny Anderson – Back Smith Grind

Top 5 Fresh Product Reviews

1) Independent Haslam Stage 10s
2) Creature Death Card Deck
3) Emerica Jerry Hsu
4) Vans AVE Sk8 Low
5) Nike SB Dunk Mid

Top 5 Eavesdroppings in Portobello Road this week

1) “You wouldn’t even need to put much effort into running away, zombies are really quite slow.”
2) “I would appreciate if you were not to look at me like that sir, for I am neither murderer nor thief.”
3) “Your post office! It’s… it’s….rubbish!”
4) “Does anyone know whose baby this is?”
5) “Why so seriousssss?”

Pic of the week

One of the enigmatic 10:30 Warriors, Nick Jones ignores the abundance of Dark Knight references and knocks out this astonishing gap in Barcelona without even considering to warm up. Look out for more from these Hologram boyos in the ‘No Shame In Spain‘ video feature next week!

Photo taken by Trix.