Moss’ Moves

Adam Moss – nollie in Harlow. Photo by Styley

Nate Guest – Lip slide to frontside nosegrind

Dax Miller – Switch front blunt

Dennis Busenitz – Front blunt revert

Danny Supa – Big flip

Joe Lynskey – Backside flip into bank

Top 5 Amy Winehouse cosmetic colours

1) Methamphetagreen
2) Mugshot Mauve
3) Hash Brown
4) Nicotine Nail Yellow
5) Khraki

Top 3 things to look forward to:

1) Crossfire Jam with Flip Team London demo – Saturday 28th June
2) Bones UK demo – Bay Sixty 6 – Details here.
3) UK National Skateboarding Championships 2008 – September

Top 5 non-flip tricks

1) No-comply
2) Wallie
3) Powerslides
4) Hillbombing
5) Powerslides whilst hillbombing

Pic of the Week

Christian Couzens
was taking pics of his mate reading the paper, when Saimon Oliviera chucked this fronside grab over the pair of them. Send yours here: