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Line Check October 2010

Autumn is fully here and as Halloween approaches there will be some appropriate deck graphics coming along courtesy of Creature and Witchcraft. Skulls being a key motif this month as Death unveil their Sugar Skull range and Cliché work with French for Charles Collet’s latest pro model. Enjoi make a nice crack at the weather in one of their new team models, Girl as always provide a quality line and Motive are keeping it primal.

The latest Spitfire pro models are in and the F1 series look slick and speedy while The Royal 4 boasts some steezy pro models for both Mike Carroll and Guy Mariano. Your head must be getting a bit nippy by now so have a butchers at the beanies and caps from Independent who in their mission to keep your warm this autumn have some banging coats and jackets too. Altamont have some fresh shirts and jeans perfect for night crawling and Heroin’s latest range of tees are standardly great, with Fos passing off some good messages for the kids. Volcom’s 2X4 jeans look fresh and are supported by a range of shot glasses to get you prepped for a night out.

Our shoe selection this month come from Etnies and DC’s latest lines in a variety of colours that compliment this colourful month perfectly. And to top it off, a rad looking multi-purpose Independent Burnside Box will be landing in selected stores alongside everything else you can see below. Go out and support those who make quality goods.