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Line Check October 2010 #2

This month saw skateshops across the UK recieve a ton of packages from various companies’ Fall/Holiday/Autumn/Winter/Absolutely Bloody Freezing Cold Season lines. Our inboxes were bombarded by so much quality product we had to run two Line Checks instead of one. Here’s some more picks to warm you up this October.

Heathen and Unabomber unveiled some slick new decks, wheels and tees this month with the Heathen stag already proving itself to be iconic for the UK brand while Unabomber create some simple juxtapositions evocative of our increasingly green world. Bomb hills not countries, eat fruit not shit etc. Krooked back up their 3D DVD release with a 3D deck, the Shmoo Thrice line and a new Zip Zinger that we can’t wait to have a go on. Element have some sweet tie-dye action going on alongside Appleyard’s welcome deck.

Jamie Thomas gets trippy with his new electroshock neon model on Thunder. Powell and Cliché continue to provide excellent urethane that should hopefully encourage those of you who aren’t initiated into the world of powerslides to get slidey when the floors get icy. Man up. That includes the ladies too, we saw you all ripping at the girl’s comp at Corby last weekend so we (finally) got around to including some women’s wear in the Line Check. Check some winter jackets and tees from Nikita below…

Etnies boast some jackets that are absolutely perfect for the winter chill, check back for a review of the fantastic Kalmer which we have tested and loved first-hand. Emerica’s fall range is a gift that keeps giving, and while Kr3w are set to release their footwear collection on October 28th we gotta give their knitwear and classic cords/chinos some love because they’re dope.

éS keep things simple and stylish and Duffs can brag that they’ve produced some of their freshest kicks yet, including Cooper Wilt’s first pro model, The Pedro. And if you need help carrying all this garb then Independent make a very fine bag, and a wallet that will probably be empty should you buy everything so have a perusal below and get stocked up for the Winter.