Kristian Bomholt’s Countdown

Danish skater Kristian Bomholt, recently visited the UK on a little promo trip. He rides for DVS Shoes, in fact you may have seen him in the European Vacation DVD that was on the front of Sidewalk last year or even in Neighbours.

Welcome to his Crossfire Countdown.

10. Kicking off the chart at number 10, let us know why you were passing through the UK?

I was there to do a photo shoot with DVS, skate and drink a few beers with Mathieu and Eric.

9. Feeling fine at number 9, we want to know what you’ve seen here that you wouldn’t see anywhere else?

Crazy Scottish skateboarders…

8. Number 8 is all about what you ate. Where is the best place you’ve had something to eat in the UK?

We were on the road the most of the time so I ate junk food every day. So I’m sorry but I can’t recommend anything!

7. Up from 11 and in at number 7, tell us what you brought with you before coming to the UK?

Almost nothing apart from my skateboard and a clean pair of boxers.

6. In the same line as 7, number 6 asks what you’ll be taking home from the UK?

No liquids for sure because they took it all at the airport. A bunch of fresh Matix clothing and that’s it.

5. Number 5 is where things get live, so what were best spots you got to skate in the UK?

I only skated one street spot and that was a ten stair in London and I smacked my head on the ground with that one. Other than that I skated a few indoor parks but it never really got fun because I had to deal with the pain in my head and my legs from the stair session!

4. Knocking on your door is number 4, so who have you been hanging out with in the UK?

Mathieu, Eric, Ches, Luis and a bunch of the Blueprint guys.

3. Last week’s number 1 down two places to number 3, who is your favorite UK skater?

There are so many great skaters from UK so it’s hard just to pick one. But (Danny) Brady, (Neil) Smiffy (Smith) and (Mark) Baines are killing it.

2. New in at number 2, where is the best place to chill and enjoy a drink in the UK?

It’s hard for me to answer because I can’t remember the names of the places we went to drink. But that means it was a good time though.

1. Which means that our number 1 question for you is – What have you learnt from your trip to the UK?

Don’t smack your head in the ground the first day or any other day. That’s the word! Peace.

Countdown by RLD
Photo courtesy of Ben Powell.